Back In thailand – IEL

So, I am back in Thailand, I missed green tea aka “Cha Khiaow” too much.
My first job was for IEL. An event company ran by an independent guy organizing english camps for schools. Thai kids didn’t change since I left: Lot of smile and happiness. I definitely love this country.
I mostly took video and will wait for him to edit/upload to spread the world.
Here are some pics of the English Training Camp.

A liberian wedding.

I am back in France and I am cold. A few weeks before I left Liberia, my camera was stolen and my computer passed away. A good way for destiny to tell me to go out from this country. I will miss you LIB but I will definitely come back.

I had an assignment to picture a wedding. Since I had no camera, I had to borrow one. It’s a Panasonic GH4 with a 12-35mm lens. I already used this camera for video purpose, it create wonderful slow motion. But it’s my first time I am used it for photography.
I really appreciate the silent mode, absolutely no noise when activated and I didn’t feel any difference about perfs, absolutely perfect for discretion. The big problem of this camera is the numeric noise appearing when you are in low light condition. 1600ISO start to be very bad, but still better than nothing right?