Cycling through Spain and Portugal.

It took me less than a month to reach Portugal by the east Portuguese border. Program, of course cycling but also learning Spanish the main goal of this trip, meeting faces and discovering more and more.  I am now in Porto. Here is a short resume in picture.





Filming in West Point, early in the morning.

I had to make a very short documentary showing daily routine of a student living in the West Point Slum in Liberia. We arrived there around 4:45am, with Estevan Padilla that will assist me during the shooting process. We have 3 guys living there with us to take care in case of something wrong happen.

West Point is empty as this time, we are the only people in the main street, a very few lights are on, just to give you a hint of where you are. but when the speaker start to yell some praying, everything start getting alive. I think having a look at the video will be better than thousands words to explain.

Magha Puja – Thailand

This week was a three day celebration called Magha Puja: One of the most important holy days in Buddhism. The spiritual aims of the day are: not to commit any kind of sins (and of course, I am drinking a beer while I am editing those pictures); do only good and purify one’s mind. I made a stop in some temples to capture the event.

Gabfai, Slow food and community theatre

Work for Gabfai,  an organization based in Chiang Mai that promote non-violence and use community theatre workshops to make light on some major society problems and sensitize people on various topics such as human trafic or domestic violence. Here is a two day workshop talking about the concept of slow food and others subject presented by a some NGO invited for the event.


Back In thailand – IEL

So, I am back in Thailand, I missed green tea aka “Cha Khiaow” too much.
My first job was for IEL. An event company ran by an independent guy organizing english camps for schools. Thai kids didn’t change since I left: Lot of smile and happiness. I definitely love this country.
I mostly took video and will wait for him to edit/upload to spread the world.
Here are some pics of the English Training Camp.