Liberia – Taking out the girl from the street and into school

When I saw this job opportunitie under my nose, I thought I really had to do that. Why? Because this country is knowed by people only for the bad (wars, ebola…) reasons and I felt like that it would be the perfect thing in a personal and professional side to show a different aspect of this country.

I work for More Than Me NGO. Basically, MTM take the girls out from West Point, one of the biggest slums of West Africa with the objective to put them in school for free. Katie Meyler, the CEO, is the kind of person who never give up. 2 years ago,  she opened the first free school of the country, then, Ebola came and had to adapt the activity by providing ambulances and Ebola treatment for people infected. Now, Ebola is over and more than 150 students are enrolled in the More Than Me Academy. My job was composed of various tasks such as communication videos, photographs in the slum and school and interviews of beneficiaries and people living in the slum.


I made an interview of a student that made a rap video for the school. please meet Roota!


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