Magha Puja – Thailand

This week was a three day celebration called Magha Puja: One of the most important holy days in Buddhism. The spiritual aims of the day are: not to commit any kind of sins (and of course, I am drinking a beer while I am editing those pictures); do only good and purify one’s mind. I made a stop in some temples to capture the event.

Gabfai, Slow food and community theatre

Work for Gabfai,  an organization based in Chiang Mai that promote non-violence and use community theatre workshops to make light on some major society problems and sensitize people on various topics such as human trafic or domestic violence. Here is a two day workshop talking about the concept of slow food and others subject presented by a some NGO invited for the event.


Back In thailand – IEL

So, I am back in Thailand, I missed green tea aka “Cha Khiaow” too much.
My first job was for IEL. An event company ran by an independent guy organizing english camps for schools. Thai kids didn’t change since I left: Lot of smile and happiness. I definitely love this country.
I mostly took video and will wait for him to edit/upload to spread the world.
Here are some pics of the English Training Camp.

Thailand – Diving into the migrants life

That’s it.

Here in Thailand, Migrants coming from different countries (mostly form Myanmar in the case of my assignment) and are forced to work in bad conditions for a miserable salary. I worked for the Kids Home foundation, an NGO providing basic life skills such as hygiene, Thai and English lessons to migrants kids.  The Goal for this NGO is to go where the migrants people are living (mostly in slums) and check if some children are able to go to school. Kids Home will pay for scholarship and transportation.

I have been there for 9 months, mostly for a photographic work instead of making videos.

More pictures on the Thailand gallery